LinkN's Campaign

Rescue at Rivenroar

The party managed to find out that the captives were being held at Rivenroar, an ancient family crypt. The crypt was not made with security in mind, however some of the fanciful displays could become dangerous in the middle of a fight. The party, however, still marched into the crypt. Their mission was twofold: first, and most importantly, they were to rescue the Brindol citizens that were captured by the goblins. Secondly, several artifacts from the first Band of the Red Hand were stolen from the city’s museum, and the party was to get them back.

The party adventured into the crypt, and was surprised to find it not only filled with goblins, but also with other creatures: gnomes, drakes, and undead. After fighting through several of these creatures – narrowly escaping a horrible death in some circumstances – the party was able to not only rescue the surviving captives and recover the treasure, but also slay the leader of the goblin army, Sinruth.

Unfortunately, the party found something more troubling than the goblin army. Someone calling themselves the Emissary was subtly giving orders to Sinruth, and supplying his army. Who was this Emissary, and what did he want with Brindol? The PCs decided to mull over this mystery as they rested, wary of what the future may bring…


After defeating the bandits and recovering Miraj’s research, the party rested a few days at the local inn. While having a drink at the tavern, however, their tranquil evening was disturbed by an attack from a band of goblins! The party managed to defeat the goblins and put out the fires they were starting, but it was apparent that the attacks spread through the entire city. The goblins claimed to be from the “Band of the Red Hand”, a small army that attacked Brindol and other cities some ten years ago.

Worse, however, was that in the confusion, several of the townspeople were captured and brought back to the goblin’s hideout. Councilmember Troyas, a half-elf and a new member to the Brindol city council, tasked the party with their rescue after their impressive display of skill in the tavern fight. Thankfully, the guards managed to capture a goblin from the raid, and the party was able to learn the whereabouts of the goblin army’s hideout from him, preparing to set out the next day.

The Story So Far

Our adventure begins, as so many do, with a quest. The half-elf, Aldren, was heir to a fairly famous wizard, Miraj. However, before Aldren could claim his father’s research, bandits moved into the tower. Thus, the quest for our heroes was to enter the tower, claim the research, and dispatch the bandits if possible. The task was accomplished, with some difficulty, in part because they were no ordinary bandits. The leader was a gnome by the name of Millen, and he was apparently working for someone else, attempting to claim and decode Miraj’s research.


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